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Dental Implants from Staten Island, New York

When it comes to dental implants, the master craftsmen at Specialized Dental Implants & Restoration in Staten Island, New York, provide the service you need for any situation. The top product at our dental implant laboratory is dental implant restoration.

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Dental Implants

With our dental implants, we focus on form, function, and esthetics because your chair time is too valuable to waste, especially when you're working with implants. That's why you need a dental laboratory that gets things right the first time.

Newest Technology

Backed by more than 40 years of experience, we have always provided complete laboratory services. Now we're applying our experience to the newest area of reconstructive dentistry—implants.

We use the finest materials and the latest technology to help you increase productivity and improve patient satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

One satisfied patient leads to another, so let us help you receive these valuable referrals. We know and understand each implant system we work on, and we check every case carefully before it leaves our laboratory. Additionally, we have the leading edge in case planning due to our experience in using semi-precision or precision intracoronal or extracoronal attachments.


Contact us today in Staten Island, New York, and keep your patients happy with our dental implants.