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Denture Services from Staten Island, New York

Choose Specialized Dental Implants & Restoration in Staten Island, New York, when you need quality denture services. At our denture laboratory, we provide several dental services for your specialized needs.

Cast Partials

The prosthetics department at Specialized Dental Implants & Restoration offers many options in premium denture restorations and removable partial dentures. We fabricate them in a variety of materials, including metal, acrylic, and acetyl-resin. 

Custom Work

Depending on your patients’ needs, these materials can be combined with various types of attachments and clasps for optimal aesthetic results. We have the experience, knowledge, and understanding to make these cases work.


When creating natural looking dentures, we take into consideration the proper arrangement of the teeth and the contours of natural tissue. We contour specialized natural dentures be self-cleaning and to look like healthy tissue.

How Dentures Work

To achieve a natural look with full dentures, we work with the dentist and patient to achieve the individual characteristics necessary to satisfy all needs.

We use a masculine or feminine tooth arrangement and proper lip support, and we determine a pleasing smile line for the patient's facial contour. Another key aspect for a natural look is the type and shade of denture teeth we use.

Manufacturing Specialties

• Implant Clip Bars
• Over Dentures
• Zirconia Crowns
• Attachments
• Locators

• Crowns & Bridges
• Screw-Down Dentures

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